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Legend Small.png Rare1.png

Alchemists's Dual Repeaters.png


  • Destiny Rare1.png
  • Destiny Merge - Destiny Rare1.png
  • Doom Rare1.png
  • Doom Merge (2)
    • Air Storm
    • Doom Rare1.png

Price: N/A

  • Merge the following:
    • Treasure Potion Rare1.png x1
  • Reward from the:
    • Wheel of Destiny Rare1.png
    • Wheel of Doom Rare1.png

Sellback: 0 AC

Rarity: Epic Rarity

Base Damage: 27-33

Description: Equipped with a magically enhanced scope, damage potion, magic wand and razor sharp bayonet. Its like a Swiss army knife for crazed magicians.


  • Previously called "Alchemist's War Repeaters".
  • Also see Alchemist's War Repeater.