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Sepulchure's Daughter Both the GOOD and EVIL factions have been thrown into chaos by the myserterious new threat. Explore the crash site of the Undead Flying Dragon Fortress and seek audience with Sepulchure's Daughter.

swordfall The crashed city of ShadowFall See more on the Design Notes

The Story Continues Follow the storyling using the story button and go on danger filled adventures! Recover Sepulchure's cursed armor (You will never believe what happens when you find it), escape imprisonment in Swordhaven's jail, investigate a forst of Chaos corrupted monsters.... and what will happen next has us all on the ends of our seats. Somewhere... a Lord of Chaos is preparing a wicked scheme to wipe out one of the cities!

   * The City of Shadowfall (Evil)
   * The City of Swordhaven (Good)
   * Dungeon - The Chaos Crypt
   * Dungeon - The Swordhaven Treasury
   * Dungeon - The Forest of Chaos
   * New "EVIL" and "GOOD" Shops
   * New Items and Armor