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Mini-Boss battle happening right now Mini-Boss battle happening right now Battle our first war mini-boss, Slugfit! In this first, historic battle, the combined forces of good and evil worked together to save the town... but this is only the beggining. A larger force is preparing to attack, and it will require the help of ALL adventurers to defeat them! Note: The member-only testing is complete. The next war will be for all players and start this week after we finish making all of the corrections.) Read the Design Notes for more!

1st War Boss - Slugfit Slugfit, our first War Mini-Boss Member-only testing of our first war event... The town of Mobius is under attack! Drakath's 1st Lord of Chaos... still unknown to us... has besieged the mining town of Mobius with monsters. The trees were flipped, houses were twisted and inverted with furniture and stairs on the outside... even the flowers are growing backwards! Worse yet, it seems the 1st Lord of Chaos inverted the Guardian tower there and is now using it as his base!

Gates of Mobius... War! Inverted houses with the furniture on the outside... Water flows up the well to the bucket... Even the plants grow backwards! ... is this truly Chaos!?

Tower of Relativity Inverted Guardian Tower is now known as... The Tower of Relativity

Note: This is our trickiest most complicated release yet. We finished only minutes before release and are calling on all Members to come help us test the new war, town, monsters and items.