AdventureQuest Worlds Wiki

Bank and Inventory Surprisingly huge release for Members The 1st Lord of Chaos is preparing to strike... in the calm before the storm the following things have just been released:

   * Bank!
     We added a bank system to AQworlds. See Valencia in the center of town. You can now buy permanent bank slots to store your items with AdventureCoins
   * Inventory Merge
     We merged your item and armor tabs into a single easy to use, sortable interface. (Yup, it even has little buttons to sort at the top!) If you were not using ALL of your armor slots, you may notice you now have some free space!
   * New Good/Evil Items
     Visit the good or evil towns and check their shops for new items.
   * New Area: The Chaos Marsh
     A brand new area with new quests and reward items.