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SleuthHound Inn Mystery Released!

Twilly was going to go to the SleuthHound Inn for the weekend, but had to stay in Battleon. So, he gave his guest pass to you! But monsters have possesed the furniture in the Inn, and you have to find out who did it! This is the largest area yet, with 32 different rooms.

SleuthHound Inn.jpg

Sneevils Invade! Sneevils have invaded Battleon! Can we really lose this war to Sneevils?

Save Chuckles T-Shirts

A limited supply of Save Chuckles T-Shirts have been released. These shirts come with a code that gets the rare "The Head of Chuckles" pet, plus a quest to save Chuckles from the un-dead dead.

Don't Let the Laughter Die!