New Templates


How to use: {{Tooltip|<text=text to be displayed>|<tooltip=<hat shows up when you hover your mouse>}}
Example: {{Tooltip|<text=Example>|<tooltip=Popup Tooltip>}}
Makes: Example (It will not show on this page, click the link to template for example)
Notes: It may take a while to load the tooltip, so be patient if it doesn't show at first


How to use: {{New/Template|<Howto=how to use>|<Template=name of temp>|<Example=Example WikiText>|<Makes=What example turns into>|<Notes=Other info about this template>>}}</nowiki>
Notes: This template is for use on this page only.


How to use: {{DAYSUFFIX}}
Makes: Monday 14th
Notes: Returns one result, end suffix of todays date, e.g 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on.


How to use: {{Pageonly|ns=<namespace>|page=<page name>|talk=<talk page link, possible values=yes,no. Default=no>}}
Example: {{Pageonly|ns=User|page=Greennave}}
Makes: Greennave

New Features

Player Namespace

The Player namespace has been added to the wiki, based on the results of the past weeks poll. Please feel free to add your characters to the wiki!


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