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Chaos Drakath is the Champion of Chaos and the former leader of the Darkwolf Bandits, a collection of thieves from the areas surrounding the town of Falconreach. As the Champion of Order, he is the leader of the Thirteen Lords of Order and the main defense in the world of Lore.

He was the loyal son of the brave and noble King Slugwrath, who ruled Swordhaven before he was overthrown by a tyrannical knight named Sir Alteon. Drakath was, for a time, under the employment of Sepulchure, in which he sought to reclaim his family's royalty by becoming King of Swordhaven. His exact where-abouts were unknown for a long time, but it was revealed he was atop of Mount DoomSkull.


Drakath is the son of King Slugwrath, and the former leader of the Darkwolf Bandits. When Drakath's father was defeated by King Alteon, Drakath tried to reclaim his father's throne. As a result, he made a deal with Sepulchure that if he brought him the white and black dragon boxs, in return Sepulchure would give him the Necrotic Blade of Doom, a powerful Doom Weapon that was said to have the power to conquer all of lore. He attempted this, but failed at the hands of the DragonFable hero and only brought the white box to Sepulchure. Because of this, Drakath didn't recieve the sword.

He later asks Xan, the insane and ultra powerful pyromancer, to destroy Falconreach because the hero of DragonFable humiliated him. This was the start the war. called the Wrath of Xan, which nearly destroyed all of Falconreach.

Drakath later steals the wind orb for Sepulchure. He uses it to defeat the DragonFable hero, but before he could finish the hero off, the orb sweeps him away. He later has to face him again, but the wind orb failed to give him power, thus he was defeated by the hero. As a result he loses the orb.

He then went into hiding and was quiet for a time. As the forces of good and evil squared off in a final confrontation between King Alteon and Sepulchure, Drakath descended upon them and defeated both single-handedly as he revealed himself to them. He had become consumed by the forces of chaos and had acquired immense strength and power. He revealed that with his corruption, he now rules as the leader of the 13 Lords Of Chaos, an organization who's goal is to end the world in chaos and destruction. Alteon lay defeated and distraught, but was shown mercy by Drakath Sepulchure however, was killed by him after conversing that Drakath could never defeat him. He heard the cries of a young woman as what was left of Sepulchure erupted into the sky. It was then that he found out the Doom Knight's secret was that he had a daughter named Gravelyn. Drakath shot down Sepulchure's giant flying Dracolich Fortress, with his daughter still inside.

After that encounter, Drakath then prepared his 13 Lords of Chaos to attack Lore and unleash each Beast of Chaos. When the players end up captured by the Collector, they end up encountering a younger Drakath alongside They Might Be Giants.

Drakath later Chaorrupted the players to become the 13th Lord of Chaos. After the players rebel against Drakath, he ends up slaying them in their form of The Eternal Dragon of Time. Gravelyn leads her forces and the Skyguard to Mount Doomskull where she ends up crashing her Dracolich fortress near the gate. Upon arriving at Mount Doomskull, the players save Gravelyn and fight Drakath, where they have the powers of Death and the Eternal Dragon of Time. The players manage to chop off Drakath's wing as he claims that he doesn't need that wing to destroy the players. Drakath then summons Desolich to him as the players fight the Chaos Soldiers. After the players get Gravelyn onto Stratos' ship, the Skyguard begins to target Drakath as Drakath Chaorrupts some Skyguard soldiers into Chaoruppted Skyguard. Sally unleashes a rebuilt Vordred to help fight Drakath. It does not go well, as Drakath easily defeats Vordred. Upon riding a Chaos Dragon to Desolich, the players fight Drakath again. When Desolich tries to chomp down on the players, they break free as Drakath shoots down a Chaos Dragon. The players then fight their way past the Chaos Dracoliches. During the players's fight with Drakath, he falls into the area where Khasaanda and Escherion's frog form are imprisoned. Khasaanda states to Drakath that he mustn't enter the Chaos Realm. Drakath then kills Khasaanda and Escherion's frog form stating that the Queen of All Monsters must rise upon all 13 Lords of Chaos being killed. After the players defeated a Chaos Warrior, a Chaos Soldier, and a Chaos Bandit, Drakath assumes a secondary appearance and fights the players.

When Drakath enters the Chaos Gate and has the Chaos powers drained from him, Artix and Gravelyn give the players some of their powers where they must sacrifice the powers of the Eternal Dragon of Time in order to enter the Chaos Realm. Once there, the Queen of All Monsters gives Drakath the power to bring back the entire 13 Lords of Chaos to attack the players. After the players bested their Chaos counterpart, the players confront Drakath and fight him once more. Upon the players defeating Drakath, the Queen of All Monsters speaks to Drakath in his mind that he is her salvation and that she is leaving him behind. The players learn from Drakath that the Queen of All Monsters is already on Lore and that the Chaos Titans are rising in a plot to rule all of Lore. Drakath states that he is now fighting against the players and the Queen of All Monsters in order to make Chaos bow to him. Back on Lore, the Queen of All Monsters has risen and new lands are being formed.

At his new lair at Crownsreach, Drakath is brought out of his slump by his right-hand woman, Cemaros, who advises that Drakath gets his castle a makeover. Voltaire is hired by Drakath and Cemaros in order to do a makeover of Drakath's new lair. The players were brought along with Voltaire because Deady was unavailable. Voltaire presents Drakath and Cemaros with the statue of the ancient deity Shub'hathrys from Necronus which Drakath accidentally awakens. Shub'hathrys goes on a rampage, unleashing Eldritch Parasites and Crawling Oozes as the player work to calm down the Panicking Villagers. After the players bested Shub'hathrys, who regresses back to a statue, Drakath vows not to touch it again while Cemaros states that Drakath will when he unleashes it on an unsuspecting world, which Drakath didn't want Cemaros to tell the players. Voltaire is hooked up with some marketing people to promote his Gothic Castlekeeping service, with Drakath featured in the issue.

Mirror Realm Drakath

Main article: Mirror Drakath

In the Mirror Realm, Drakath is the Champion of Order and this world's greatest hero. His 13 Lords of Order are the counterparts of his 13 Lords of Chaos. The player had this confusion when brought over by interdimensional bards, Paul and Storm, to help fight the Mirror Realm's version of King Alteon (who is an insane tyrant with plans to rule the world), who had seized the throne from Drakath's father and captured Gravelyn and the Lords of Order.


Version 1

  • Location: Into Chaos, Mount Doomskull
  • Level: 35
  • HP: 5,208,515
  • MP: 100

Note: This version cannot be killed.

Version 2

  • Location: Drakath Fight
  • Level: 35
  • HP: 102,675
  • MP: 100

Note: This version is aggressive after respawning.

Version 3

  • Location: Chaos Battle, Dragon Battle, Final Battle, Vordred Battle
  • Level: 40
  • HP: 49,044
  • MP: 100

Prince Drakath version

  • Location: Final Showdown
  • Level: 50
  • HP: 94,569
  • MP: 100


Version 2

Version 3

  • Drakath Mask
  • Drakath Wings (2)
  • Face of Chaos
  • Treasure Chest

Prince Drakath version


  • He had a "pet" named Krakhim.
  • Drakath is not one of the 13 Lords of Chaos, he is their leader.
  • Drakath was an Undead Dragon in AdventureQuest.
  • The reason that Drakath killed Sepulchure might be because his master ordered him to, probably because he was not useful anymore.
  • It is also possible that he could be controlled, or chaorrupted, by the Chaos, and used only as a puppet.
  • His master is the Mother of All Monsters, who also gives him his chaos powers.
  • His armor is purple and grey, which is a combination of the primary colors of Swordhaven and Shadowfall, blue and white and red and black, respectively.
  • Quibble stated that Chaos Lord 13 is already at his side waiting for The Hero.
    • That is, until it is later revealed that the Hero is the 13th Lord of Chaos.
  • Although not mentioned much, but Artix once confirmed on the Battleon forum that Drakath and Victoria were in love when Drakath was the leader of the Darkwolf bandits.


  • "Sepulchure has a daughter?... Amusing."
  • "I will save you two for last. Enjoy the show. HAHA!"
  • "Not feeling like yourself, King?"
  • "Whom shall I choose for my next Lord of Chaos? So many willing candidates."