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Release Log
Coming Soon

New update of the Release Log will come as soon as it's Ready O'Clock.

Happening Now

March 5th

March 2nd

Etrherstorm War
  • Etherstorm War has begun!
  • New Areas! Etherstorm War Good, Etherstorm War Evil & Etherstorm War Desoloth
  • New Monsters! Air Dragon Warrior, Earth Dragon Warrior, Fire Dragon Warrior, Tainted Emu, Tainted Hummingbird, Tainted Phoenix, Tainted Pelican & Water Dragon Warrior
  • New NPCs! Dage the Birthday Boy & Mick Dundoo
  • Happy Birthday Dage & Solrac!
  • New Quests! Redeem the Ether-Creatures!, Investigate the Ether-Taint! (Good), Slay the Ether-Creatures!, Investigate the Ether-Taint! (Evil), Dragon Sacrifice for Desoloth!, Defend Your Master!, Fueling Insanity, Insanely Insane, Donation to the Dark Lord, Embrace the Godly Mace, Overlord Overload, Be the Shinobi, A Shade of Shadow, Vampire Inspire & He's Lycan the Recruits
  • New Shops! Australia Day House Shop, Australia Day Shop, Cheezburger Trade-In, Etherwar Evil Merge Shop, Etherwar Desoloth Merge Shop, Etherwar Good Merge Shop & Etherstorm War Rares Shop
  • New Class! Elemental Dracomancer
  • AC version of SkyGuard Grenadier added!
  • New Armors! AUS Rugby Armor!, Copper Rainment of the Black Dragon, Crocadile Dundoo, Custom Dragarian, Dark Water, Dage DeathKnight, Dragarian, Gold Rainment of the Black Dragon, Golden Dragoon, J6 Westion Outfit, Legion Vampire, Pyritic Dragoon, Thanatos, Silent Water & Silver Rainment of the Black Dragon
  • New Helms! Crocadile Dundoo Hat, Crowned Cowl of Dissonance, Custom Dragarian Hair, Dark Caster Hair, Dracomancer Helm, Dragarian Hair, Golden Dragoon Helm, J6 Helmet, Legion Vampire Helm & Thanatos Helm
  • New Pets! Barry the Platypus, Paragon Pet & Ripper Kangaroo
  • New Weapons! Aussie Cricket bat, "Boomer"ang, Dragarian Blade, Dragon Pike of Pain, Dundoo's Dual Bowies, Earth Dagger, Flame Dagger, Green And Gold "Boomer"ang, Legion Vampire Scythe, The Slay, Vitae's Breath, Water Dagger, Whisper of the Conqueror, Wind Dagger, Wings of Flame & Ultra Dragoon Lance
  • New Cape! Vampire Bats
  • New Items! Air Defender Token, Dark Water Token, Dark Fire Token, Dark Earth Token, Dark Air Token, Desoloth Warrior Token, Earth Defender Token, Essence of the Undead Legend, Fire Defender Token, Legion Donation, Twisted Emu Egg, Twisted Hummingbird Egg, Twisted Pelican Egg, Twisted Phoenix Egg & Water Defender Token
  • New House! Aussie Opera House
  • New House Items! Australian Flag & Croc Skin Rug

You may also view the full Release Log.

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Hello, and welcome to AQW's first wiki! The AQWorlds Wiki houses tons of information about AQWorlds such as Monsters, Quests, Weapons, and more! We even have Guides, which explain various aspects and features of AQWorlds in depth. If we're missing something, let us know! Or, you can register and add it in for us!

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