AdventureQuest Worlds Wiki

This page was created for the definition of Abbreviations that are usually used in Role-playing and Massive Multi-player online games settings.

DOT: Damage Over time. When something causes DOT, the affected target will lose health in intervals over a set period of time. A prime example of this is the Rogue skill, Vipers Kiss, which causes the target to be poisoned and lose health over 10 seconds.

HP: Hit/Health Points. Health points determine how much health a player or monster has. Usually the more HP, the longer/harder something will be to defeat. If you run out of health, you fall in battle and must respawn. The monster you are battling also gains full health if you run out of HP.

MP: Magic/Mana Points. Mana is what special skills use to activate. Examples from the four starting classes are: (Rogue)Vipers Kiss, (Warrior)Decisive Strike, (Mage)Fire Ball, and (Healer)Healing Word all use an amount of Mana to be activated. If you run out of Mana or don't have enough, you will be unable to use skills until you restore some of it, either through magic or healing time.

NPC: Non-playable Character.

NYI: This means "Not Yet Implemented".

Respawn: One definition of 'Spawn' is " to give birth to; give rise to". When a character runs out of Health, they are then unable to move until the player hits the "Respawn" button. This will move your character back to the start of the area you are in and bring your character back to life so that you may go try again if you want to. Monsters also experience respawn after they are defeated; within a few seconds the monster will reappear at full health, ready to fight again.

WDPS: Weapon Damage Per Second. Add the Maximum and Minimum damage of your weapons and divide by 4. That's your WDPS. e.g. Weapon damage is 78, skill/ability deals 78 damage per second as long as the effect is not gone.

XP/EXP: Stands for Experience or Experience Points. When a player gains enough of these, they will Level up and become slightly stronger.

Level: Shows how strong a player is, when raised, it may make the player stronger and raise HP and/or MP. Raised with XP/EXP.

Gold: This is the primary monetary source in Adventure Quest Worlds. Players can collect gold through various tasks such as Quests, slaying monsters, helping Non-Playable Characters, and selling items back (i.e. the Item Shop).

Adventure Coins: The secondary monetary source in Adventure Quest Worlds. Currently only available in upgrades and adventure coin packs.

Rank: Shows how powerful your class armor is, when high enough, your class armor may gain a new skill. Raised with Class points.

CP: Stands for Class Points, used to raise your class armor Rank.