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Roy G Biv


first u fuck a dick we need a sole knife in order to cut the base of the shoe, and then stretching pliers to make sure the leather is taut. After the show is made and tacked or glued together, the final thing needed is a burnishing cloth. The most important of all, though, is my tool bag!

If you can find those 4 things, then you'll be handsomely rewarded."

  • Items Required: Bag-ometer x1, Sole Knife x1, Stretching Pliers x1, Burnishing Cloth x1, Shoemaker's Bag x1
  • Item Location: Rainbow Rat, Lucky Harms, Monochrome, A R C
  • Rewards: 75 Gold, 75 Exp, Sneevilchaun, Sneevilchaun's Gold Piece

These Items can be found by defeating the monsters found around Roy G Biv. Except for the Bag-pmeter, which is given to you by Roy G Biv for completing his previous quest: The Shoe's News