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Xing and Xang in the Mirror Realm

The events related to the 2nd Lord of Chaos take place throughout the years from the defeat of Escherion to the defeat of the 12th Lord of Chaos. 2nd Lord of Chaos is very important to Lore, so Drakath secretly swapped one of Lore's Twins including Xing and Xang for good and evil with Mirror Realm's Xing and Xang, resulting in both Xing and Xang on Lore are both evil and Xing and Xang in Mirror Realm are both good. Xing Xang then acted as Drakath's advisor and almost Agent in the many events that followed. One of them is the fact that Drakath controlled two meteors to plunge down and destroy Battleon, fortunately all the Mages and Lore's heroes joined forces to teleport all of Battleon to the Greenguard Forest. Years later, Xing and Xang join hands to play a key role in helping Drakath steal the Celestial Egg in the Mirror Realm. Some time after the 12th Lord of Chaos was defeated, the war with the 2nd Lord of Chaos began as the imbalance between the two worlds was growing rapidly due to The Twin. Drakath then tricked Evil Xang into swap her with Good Xang in order to combine Good Xang with Evil Xing to create the real 2nd Lord of Chaos - Xiang. After much effort, The Hero defeated Xiang and he decided to let her go free. And finally everything has regained its inherent balance.

The Twin

One day The Hero needed help choosing to become Evil and join the Shadowscythe or become Good and join Swordhaven. The two twins Xing and Xang helped The Hero with their morale dilema and afterwards the two twins were bored so they tried to advise Drakath. Drakath noticed that their Good and Evil advice brought order to Lore so he replaced Xang (the good twin) with an evil version of her. The evil twins became the official advisers of Drakath as well as the 2nd Lords of Chaos.

Mirror Realm

Months later The Hero and Twig prepared for AdventureQuest Worlds' 2nd birthday when suddenly two interdimensional bards named Paul and Storm asked for help saving the Multiverse. The Hero agreed and the 3 traveled to the Mirror Realm where everything is the opposite of what it is in Lore.

In Battleoff (the mirror version of the Hero's hometown Battleon) The Hero mistook Mirror Drakath to be a villian but in reality he is the Mirror Realm's greatest hero. Drakath needed help freeing his friends the Order Lords from King Alteon the Imbalanced and since The Hero had no mirror counterpart they were the only one that could defeat King Alteon without being recognized. Mirror Alteon's plans were to combine the powers of the Order Lords in order to blow a hole into reality and send pure chaos into the world and if this were to suceed the Mirror Realm would be destroyed and so would Lore.

The Hero was then sent to Mirror Warlic's Science Shop to form a plan to save the Lords of Order and it turns out that The Hero needed 3 powerful magical items. The Hero first went to Lightovia to get the crown of Blood from Safiria the Queen of the Werewolves. The queen only allowed The Hero to have the crown by proving themselves by defeating her in a battle and after her defeat The Hero retrieved the crown. The second item was the Platinum Feather which the hero got by defeating the Nugget Man and his chaotic chicken army. Undead Artix had the very last item which was the Shadowreaper of Doom. He is Mirror Alteon's greatest champion as well as the most powerful undead.

Once defeated The Hero and Mirror Drakath threw all 3 items at the cage imprisoning the first seven Lords of Order (all counterparts of the first seven Lords of Chaos) and freed them from Mirror Alteon while King Alteon the Imbalanced escaped. Afterwards The Hero was congratulated for their rescue and went back to Lore to find the birthday cake was eaten by Twig.

Celestial Egg

Years later Drakath was trying to figure out how to spread more Chaos to Lore with the help of his advisers, the Chaos Twins, when sudenly he was replaced by his mirror counterpart , Drakath the Champion of Order. Evil Xang was angry at Mirror Drakath because she thought he would take her back to the Mirror Realm (the place she originally came from before she replaced Lore's Xang). Evil Xang's presence has brought an imbalance to the Multiverse and Mirror Drakath vowed to bring back her eventualy so both world would have a spirit of good and a spirit of evil to help people make their choices but until then he had another goal in mind.

Drakath visited The Hero who was in Warlic's Magic Shop asking for help from Warlic and Cysero. He interupted the conversation to tell The Hero that they are in grave danger. Because The Hero has no reflection they can travel to both worlds freely but this has also caused an imbalance in the Multiverse and if The Hero doesn't find anything to fix this imbalance soon The Hero could be eradicated by the Multiverse to fix this imbalance.

Gravelyn the Good broke the stone to unleash the Celestial Egg

Drakath sent The Hero to Battleoff to fix this imbalance. The Hero asked Mirror Warlic for help and he suggested to gather spare parts, batteries and a mana gem from evil moglins for a machine to help find a signature that matches The Hero. Once done they do find one but its a very faint and tiny one in Brightfall. The Hero traveled to Brightfall to find Empress Gravelyn the leader of the Lightscythe, who told The Hero if they helped her defeat Evil Alteon's army that invaded Brightfall then she would help find this object that could help balance The Hero's presence. Once done they find that the signature is coming from a rock named the Monolith. Gravelyn broke the stone in half and found a Celestial Egg inside which hapens to be exactly what they were looking for. With balance coming back to the Multiiverse Lore's Drakath needed to get it imbalanced again and the only way he could do this is by sending the Chaos Twins to the Mirror Realm to capture the egg.

The Hero meet King Alteon the Imbalanced again

The Hero and Mirror Drakath went to the Overworld to find Dage the Good and see if the egg was there. Turns out the Celestial Egg was there and The Hero need to fight through Mirror Alteon's forces that invaded the Overworld in order to get to the egg. Once The Hero was done battling through the Overworld they finally reached King Alteon the Imbalanced who had the egg and was vengeful about his defeat by The Hero. Evil Alteon revived Undead Artix and The Hero had to battle him again in order to get the egg. After Undead Artix's defeat The Hero promised to send Undead Artix's helmet to Dage the Good so he could free his soul. In rage Evil Alteon charged at The Hero but was stopped by Mirror Gravelyn. The egg flew into Evil Xing's hands and right when they were about to get away Mirror Drakath saved the egg and replaced Evil Xing with Good Xing. Mirror Drakath explained to The Hero that they enjoyed having the Good Twins help the Lords of Order but both Universes needed their respective twins in order to correct the imbalance in the Universe.

Evil Xang give the Celestial Egg to Drakath

Good Xing tried to welcome Evil Xang home but Evil Xang threw the Celestial Egg through a Chaos rift to Lore's Drakath. Lore's Drakath made a deal with Mirror Drakath stating that if they give Evil Xang back to Lore's Drakath then he would give back the Celestial Egg. Mirror Drakath rationaly excepted and The Hero went back to their world meanwhile Drakath said that he need The Hero to help him release Chaos runes and everything went exactly as planned. The next thing to do was to release their Chaos Beast.

Restore The Balance

A month or two later The Hero hung out at Yulgar's Inn talking to some clerics when sudenly they were transported back to the Mirror Realm and replaced by their counterpart the Celestial Egg. Mirror Drakath sent The Hero to Brightfall because the imbalance caused by The Twins has increased drasticaly. Drakath can't send good Xang back to Lore because Lore's Drakath will block any attempt Mirror Drakath makes so if The Hero and Mirror Drakath's combine their strength then they might be able to restore balance again.

The Hero traveled to Reddeath Swamp (counterpart of Greenguard Forest) in order to get help from Bardolph the wizard. Bardolph was a ghost that needed to become solid again so he could help send Good Xang back home. Once The Hero was finished grabbing all the ingredients for Bardolph to become solid again Bardolph helped Good Xing and Xang make their own mirror portal.

Evil Xing and Good Xang merged into Xiang

Chaos Harpy has rise

Meanwhile Evil Xing and Xang were making theirs too. A mishap happened and Good Xang's spirit transfered into Evil Xang's body and vice versa. Evil Xang of course felt betrayed of course but Lore's Drakath explained that since since Evil Xang was never from Lore Xing could not have released their Chaos Beast without the true othe half of her spirit (thats why it took so long for the Chaos Beast to get released). Evil Xing and Good Xang then formed to make the real 2nd Lord of Chaos Xiang (much to Good Xang's greif of course). Evil Xang was angry and felt betrayed by Lore's Drakath. Good Xing tried to make her sister feel better but Evil Xang but she broke the mirror out of anger. By restoring balance to both worlds the 2nd Chaos Beast the Chaos Harpy was relased in the process so it was up to The Hero to defeat it and restore balance. The Hero went back to Lore and used one of the broken mirror shards to comunicate with Mirror Drakath. Mirror Drakath helped The Hero create shreikward potions to help with the Chaos Harpy's shreik.

The Hero defeat Xiang

Deep in the Chaos Forest The Hero finally defeated the Chaos Harpy and then confronted Xiang. Evil Xiang was angry at The Hero for defeating her pet while Good Xiang wanted the hero to leave so her evil side wouldn't hurt The Hero. Xiang then had an argument with herself on rather or not to kill The Hero so The Hero had no choice but to defeat Xiang despite not wanting to hurt Good Xang. During the fight Evil Xiang tried her best to destroy The Hero while Good Xiang tried her best to heal and help The Hero but in the end Xiang was defeated. The Hero told Drakath (who was secretly watching through a mirror) that he is going to break the rules by setting Xiang free. Good Xiang was happy about all the good she could do while Evil Xiang felt insulted. They both told The Hero they can't fight their destiny but they can choose which weapon to fight it.