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Escherion anđ Hydra harm for people of villagers

After the Undead Invasion, all of Lore was in chaotic from both the Good and Evil factions, all threatened by Chaos. King Alteon has been mortally wounded and no healers can cure what has happened to him. Rumors of strange new monsters from the North are starting spread. These monsters are said to even attack the mindless undead of the Shadowscythe, who are now without leadership. Nothing more than now, all must unite to fight Chaos. The Alliance between Good and Evil took place after quite a bit of trouble. After gaining the trust of King Alteon and Gravelyn, The Hero went to Mobius to meet Renn and Zio to protect the village from Chaos attacks. What await him is 1st Chaos Lord.


The Hero went to Shadowfall to meet Gravelyn and accept her mission to go to Chaoscrypt to get Sepulchure's armor, after finishing The Hero went to meet Baron Bayconn, a tax collector of Swordhaven. After teaching Baron Bayconn a lesson, The Hero took Sepulchure's insurance money and brought it back to Gravelyn, Gravelyn said with that gold she could rebuild Shadowfall and Shadowscythe's forces.

After helping Gravelyn, The Hero went to King Alteon and helped his subordinate Bal collect samples for research on Chaos, The Hero also killed animals are Corrupted by Chaos in the forest near Swordhaven to ensure their safety for the people around. Finally, Good and Evil under the leadership of King Alteon and Gravelyn also put aside their animosity to form the Alliance to fight against with Chaos.

The Runix Cube

Anna and Otto give the first piece of Runix Cube to The Hero

The Hero goes to Mobius to meet Renn and Zio to fight the Chaos raging here. After defeating the Chaos forces of Escherion - 1st Chaos Lord here, The Hero meets Otto and Anna, who tell The Hero of the horror of Escherion's attack here, they give The Hero a piece of the puzzle, the As the first of 3 pieces of the Runix Cube, they say that Escherion really wanted it so it may be this thing will helped The Hero defeat Escherion.

With the guidance of Otto and Anna, The Hero travels to the Faerie Forest and helps the nymphs defeat the Sneevils and prevent Escherion's Chaos forces from destroying the forest's Tree of Life. After gaining the trust of the fairies, The Hero defeated Arcana to obtain the relic it protected and unlocked the seal of the Tree of Life to obtain the second piece of the Runix Cube.

After obtaining the second Runix Cube, following Renn and Zio's guidance, The Hero went to Cornelis Ruins to assist Anise in finding the last fragment of the Runix Cube, after defeating the Stone Golem and solving the secret in here, The Hero and Anise have found the last piece of the Runix Cube.

The Hero went back to Renn and Zio to put the 3 pieces together, after a whole night of assembly, they finally succeeded in creating Runix Cube. Once everything was ready, The Hero disguised himself as a Pizza delivery man and fooled the Cyclops guarding the teleportation device into sneaking inside Escherion's Tower of Relativity. The Hero descends to the bottom of the tower and defeats the Head Gargoyle to enter Escherion's Sanctum Sanctorum.

Escherion And Hydra

Hydra has awaken

The Hero confronts Escherion and throws a Runix Cube at Escherion, which he thinks will defeat him. Escherion stated that he wanted the Runix Cube not because the Runix Cube could threaten him, but because the Runix Cube was what helped him awaken Hydra one of the Chaos Beasts to fulfill Drakath's request. Escherion activated the Runix Cube, the whole tower shook violently, and Escherion used his magic to throw The Hero out of the tower and into the lake. The Hero had just fallen into the water when a dark shadow appeared behind him, the Hydra had awakened. One of the Runes in Drakath's Portal of Chaos lights up, and Drakath is delighted and says that Escherion's quest here is over. The Hero fought the Hydra and Escherion's tower collapsed, it fell on the Hydra causing Hydra to die instantly.

Escherion turns himself into a frog

The Hero returns to the tower and confronts Escherion once more. Escherion was furious that The Hero had toppled his tower. The Hero and Escherion were about to fight when Otto and Anna and the villagers rushed in to help, but in Escherion's eyes, they were nothing more than worms. Escherion used his scepter and turned them into his loyalists. The Hero says that without the staff, Escherion is nothing more than a second rate mage. Escherion gets angry and says he doesn't need a staff to defeat someone like The Hero. After fighting Escherion, The Hero defeated Escherion. Escherion said that The Hero didn't seem too weak and he used his staff to reverse The Hero. Fortunately, The Hero took a precaution and used the mirror he found in Cornelis Ruins and reflected back to Escherion. Escherion said that the reverse magic probably wouldn't work on himself, he used consecutive Fire and Ice attacks but they all hit him on their own. He ended up casting a spell and unfortunately he turned himself into a frog.

After the battle, The Hero said that it seemed the reverse magic still worked on Escherion. And even if he escaped, his magic would only harm him, the entire Chiral Valley was safe, the entire village was freed from Escherion's reverse magic. Drakath enjoyed watching what was going on, saying that the nature of Chaos is unpredictable so it doesn't matter if Escherion is defeated and the next Chaos Lord has been chosen.