Chaos lords

The 13 Lords of Chaos with Drakath

The 13 Lords of Chaos are a group of antagonists that work on the side of Chaos. They are chosen due to their powers and status in Lore. Some are grateful for the powers of Chaos given to them and immediately begin to serve Drakath, however, not all the Chaos Lords are willing to accept Chaos and attempt to fight it until Chaos ultimately takes over.


The 13 Lords of Chaos are commanded by Drakath to unlock each Beast of Chaos in their respective locations, events that would be enough to free the Mother of All Monsters.

He established the group after he fought King Alteon and killed Sepulchure. This caused the side of good, led by King Alteon and the side of evil, led by Sepulchure's daughter Gravelyn, into an alliance in order to fight Drakath and the 13 Lords of Chaos.

Through unknown means, Drakath was able to sacrifice the other Lords of Chaos in order to release the Mother of All Monsters. While in the Chaos Realm, Drakath revived the chaos sides of the 13 Lords of Chaos to fight the players including the players' Chaos form.

Mirror Realm

In the Mirror Realm, Drakath is the greatest hero of that Battleon and the counterparts of the 13 Lords of Chaos are called the 13 Lords of Order.


Here are the Lords of Chaos in order of appearance and rank:

  • Xing and Xang/Xiang - The second Lord(s) of Chaos and the first female Chaos Lords. Drakath swapped Xang with Mirror Realm Xang instead of chaorrupting them because he could just swap Xang with the Mirror Realm Xang's so he will get ideas from two evil twins instead of one babbling about being good. They suggested for Drakath to send two meteors to Battleon resulting in every magic user teleportng Battleon to Green Guard. The two have been seen enticing Maximillian Lionfang and Nythera to their side and becoming interested in the portal leading to the Void. Xing and Xang later make plans to orchestrate a civil war in Bloodtusk Ravine between the Orcs and the Trolls to see which one of them will become the ninth Lord of Chaos. Evil Xing and Good Xang are later merged into Xiang causing the summoning of the Chaos Harpy.
  • Wolfwing - The fifth Lord of Chaos. An ordinary man that was bitten by a werewolf and later bitten by Safira resulting in his transformation into a Werepyre. Drakath Chaorrupted him to his side as the fifth Lord of Chaos to cause havoc in Darkovia. Chaos Wolfwing created an army of Chaos Lycan Knights, Chaos Vampire Knights, and Werepyres. His henchmen are Twisted Paw, Sanguine, and Edvard. His fellow Werepyres recently obtained a dragon which he made into a Dracowerepyre, the fourth Chaos Beast, during the Mystic Wolf Moon when he was at his strongest.
  • Tibicenas - The eighth Lord of Chaos. A Djinn from the Djinn world who was outcasted for having meddled with the power of Chaos. Zahart, a hedge-mage from the Sandsea, was given a Chaorrupted magic ring by Drakath that he could use to summon and give him commands with. He unleashed an unnatural sandstorm that revealed the oasis community to be just part of a much larger town once devoured by the sands and forgotten by the people. He helped Zahart use a magic red diamond uncovered by his servants to awaken the Chaos Sphinx, the seventh Chaos Beast. Of course, Zahart didn't know that Tibicenas himself was secretly using him as his master so he could wait for the right moment for the ring to be destroyed so he could be free to return to the Djinn world and get revenge on the Efreet for all the years he spent as an outcast because of him.
  • Krellenos - The ninth Lord of Chaos. Krellenos is a Troll Prophet chosen by Xing and Xang to be Drakath's ninth Lord of Chaos. He later Chaorrupted the Arashite Ore of the ancient temple using a Serpentress to do so which transformed the Serpentress into the Naga Baas (formerly the Gruaige Baas), the eighth Chaos Beast. He is later killed by his sister Khasaanda who steals his Chaorrupted powers and usurps his position.
    • Khasaanda - The replacement ninth Lord of Chaos. She is a Troll Prophetess who disliked being laughed at and made fun of by the other Trolls. After Krellenos abandoned her and started to Chaorrupt the heart of the Ancient Temple ruins, she finally decided that she was sick of the rude treatment the other Trolls gave her, and after the Gruaige Baas' defeat, she usurped her own brother's position and had him killed shortly afterwards.
  • Iadoa - The tenth Lord of Chaos. He was a renowned Chronomancer and professor who was Chaorrupted by Drakath. First appearing during the 2011-2012 New Year's event trying to ruin the celebration by stopping time with his Chaos magic and using it to mess with the dropping ball, the lab clock, and the hourglass, he was later revealed to be the master of the Span, revealing that the Iadoa the players fought was just a test set up for them, which they passed. Iadoa then agrees to serve as their guide throughout the Span before becoming a full Chaos Lord himself. He later awakens Kathool Atchoo through the defeats of Carnax, Fluffy the Dracolich, and the Dragonoid after fully becoming a Chaos Lord following the players' passing of all three lessons given to them by himself.
  • Maximillian Lionfang - The eleventh Lord of Chaos. He was a loyal knight on King Alteon's guard who kidnapped the heroes of Lore and planned to have his Golden Onslaught purge the entire world of all of the evils within it. After he and his army were defeated, he met Xing and Xang, who gave him Chaos powers. He later appeared in the Frostval events and threatened to make the world suffer for surrendering to Evil by destroying Frostval itself. He is later revealed to have a younger brother named Xavier Lionfang. Maximillian Lionfang later Chaorrupted his own lion which transformed into the Chaos Manticore.
  • King Alteon - The twelfth Lord of Chaos. In the beginning of the Chaos saga, he was wounded by Drakath, who left signs of Chaos on his body and armor. As the saga progressed, Alteon was becoming more and more Chaorrupted, despite fighting against the Chaos spreading within him. His transformation into the aforementioned Chaos Lord becomes completed during Princess Brittany and Lord Brentan's wedding. King Alteon brought the Chaos Dragon alive from the Dragon Statue following Princess Brittany's death.
  • The Hero/The Eternal Dragon of Time - The thirteenth Lord of Chaos. It turns out that the Hero is the 13th Lord of Chaos when they confront Drakath on Mount Doomskull. They unleashed the Eternal Dragon of Time as well as all other 12 Chaos Beasts its later revealed that The Hero is also The Eternal Dragon of Time. The Hero is later then killed by Drakath and sent into Death's Realm with no way out. With Shadowfall rising it's Dracolich Fortress, Nulgath teleports into Death's Realm and gives a contract to the Hero in order to be revived from the dead, the only exception is that the Hero must kill Death to be revived.


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