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Ok ... First type in /join portalundead-5555 talk to the ONLY Npc you see there accept the "Fire Gem" Quest. Sell every staff that the Mobs drop (Worth 2.5K Each) . Then when ur done with the quest finish it and sell the Fire Staff that she gives you (Worth 12.5K) . (This wont take more than 5 Mins). Note: This quest is now a daily quest and an only be turned in once every 24 hours.

Then go to Swordhaven were no 1 will bother you type in /join swordhaven-5555 I can asure you that no 1 will bother you there. Now go kill Slimes they will drop Slimy Staffs (Worth 1K Each) get it, They have fast drops so it wont take long. Go in the first place you see a door and sell the staff. You Cannot Have More Than 1 Of The Same Item(So If Your Not Getting Anything Check).( there is a quest in which you need to kill them for both good and evil factions so this would be a good way to complete them for reputation)

Also Dont Forget To Get The Gold From Ballyhoo - If You Are To Lagy Just Go To /join ballyhoo-5555

EliteSoldier255 03:29, February 22, 2011 (UTC)

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